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New Generation Inverter

  • With High Efficiency R410A Gas
  • According to New Energy Related Products (ERP) directives, ‘A+’energy class in cooling and ‘A’ energy class in heating sector
  • Refreshing air circulation with Ionizer Technology
  • “I feel Technology”: Access to the temperature which you want to feel where you are in the room
  • Digital Screen
  • Auto restart
  • Temperature sensing LCD remote control
  • With Intelligent Cleaning Function, deodarization and protection against possible duct in internal units of AC
  • Silver Ions and Active Carbon Filtering system


  • Timer function
  • High Dehumidification Capacity
  • Sleep Mode
  • Defrost Feature
  • Quiet Operation
  • High Heating Performance with Heat Pump
  • Corrossion-Resistant Golden Fins
  • Fan control system
  • Automatic Operation Mode
  • Easy to clean Front Panel and Filter
  • Triple Filtering System
  • 3-minute safety protection


AC Technical Specifications





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