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Water Booster is ready to install as a complete package with the balance tank with appropriate volume, the

flexible connection kit and the protection control pane! provided together.

Classified under reverse flow system dual-stage horizontal centrifugal pumps, maintenance-free

Can be produced as 1,2 or 3 pumps according to the demand. Balance tank is mounted under pump in the single

pump models. Balance tank is individually provided with the device for the groups with 2 and 3 pumps.

All models are supplied with electrical protection and control panel device.

Original DAB pumps are used in K45/50, K55/100 and K907100 hydrophore models.



Mechanical Seal : Carbon / Ceramic
Impeller Material : Brass
Pump Body : Brass / Cast-iron
Pump Shaft : Stainless Steel
Protection Level :IP44
Insulation Class :F
Maximum Fluid Temperature : +50 °C
Maximum Operating Pressure :6 bar

Maximum Ambient Temperature : +40 °C




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