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Baymak Panel Radiators are produced in 5 different types (10-P, 11 -PK, Z1 -PKP, 22-PKKP, 33-DKEK), 6 different heights (300-400-500-600-700-900 mm) and 27 different lengths ranging from 400 mm to 3000 mm. Thanks to the resistance to high pressure and volume of water due to the 33 mm optimum pitch, economy and efficiency are obtained in the operating costs, It has a feature of installing into the place of cast iron and steel sectional radiators with the patented fittings. Suitable for floor-fed installations with trimmed types If required, can be mounted TO the floor by means of a special accessory.’Resistant to shocks during shipping and installation with the special packaging.

High-performance, reasonable price and fast delivery are our main principles :


Suspension Plate Dimension





L-Console Dimensions




Valve Trimmed Panel Radiators

Baymak Panel Radiators with plugged and valve trimming types are suitable for floor-fed, thermostatic vaive controlled installations.

The status of being plugged or valved, hot and cold water inlet-outlet ports direction (left-right) must certainly be-specif led for the orders.

Classical assembly can be made by means of special trimming with 4 inputs and outputs. For types of valve trimming, the valve is delivered by mounting into radiator and attaching a plastic cover. Thermostatic valve adjustment cap is provided from the market and installed into place of the plastic cover.


Panel Radiator Valves



Thermostatic Radiator Valves




Advantages of Baymak Thermostatic Radiator Valves

•   Provides saving in the amount of fuel consumption of natural gas LPC, coal, fuel oil that we use for heating

•   Thermostatic radiator valves mechanism provides a more aesthetic balance and image in comparison with conventional valves.

•   Thermostatic radiator valves are designed as easy-to-use and maintenance-free


28 °C     J

24 °C     — 22 °C    — 20 °C     — 18 °C    — 16 °C    — 14 °C    — 12 °C     —

7°C     —


—      o    in

—      O-    “J

   o (J)


—      o

—              O       CNi


—   o

—   o-   .-

—   p.*




Product Description

Temperature values correspond to the figures remain on Baymak Thermostatic Valve are shown in the next table.

Baymak Thermostatic Radiator Valves keep radiators under control, Allows to set different temperatures for each room, Mutes the amount of hot water entering the radiator, as the room reaches up to the desired temperature. In this way, the room temperature does not exceed our desired temperatue which prevents overheating.

Since we consume less energy due to minimum heating, it provides benefits both for our environment in terms of air-pollution and to our budget. For efficient working the top and front side of Baymak Thermostatic Radiator Valves should not be closed by curtains or furniture so that air flow should let free,

The air ducts over the Baymak Thermostatic Radiator Valves feel the warm air and work according to the principle of expansion of heat-sensitive sensor,

Baymak Thermostatic Radiator Valves Features

•   Compliant to Energy Efficiency Law No. 5627. The factory settings are adjusted between 15 and 28 °C Do not require any extra setting.

•   TS-EN 215 certified.

•   Capable of performing f lowrate and on – off adjustment by means of protection cap.

•   The body and sealing compound group are entirely made of brass.

•   Suitable for installation water temperature of maximum 120 °C

•   Provides an aesthetic harmony and appearance for areas of use with its stylish design.

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