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Confire: Self-Made Fireplace


PROJECTS : Hotel Nedous Gulmarg 

The Masonry Vertical heater

Designed for people who want a larger fire viewing (door 27” x 36”), longer burn time and be able to use standard wood for fuel. The CONFIRE can have an oven, front centered preferred, rear oven possible. It has a top exit and can have a heated bench. Can be faced with any masonry material.


CONFIRE Provides:

  • comfortable radiant heat;
  • high indoor air quality;
  • design flexibility to suit your home;
  • thermal mass for temperature stability in winter.

Our customers are so impressed with how well our own Wood Burning Masonry Heaters . CONFIRE works that we decided to make them more easily available to people in India.

This is a self-assembly core around which we build specialized ,your own choice of facing.


  • environmentally friendly
  • cost effective
  • efficient
  • easy to use (you only burn them once or twice a day).


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