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Electric Based Floor Heater


PROJECTS : Chai -Jai Poloview , Hotel Royal Batoo  Nowpora , Shuhul Motors Srinagar

Interest in underfloor heating is growing fast, particularly in new homes where the plastic pipe used for this form of heating, is able to be laid before the floor surfaces are put down. Underfloor heating operates at quite low temperature not only to give a feeling of comfort when walking around, but also to prevent any possible damage to furnishings and fabrics. Underfloor heating is likely to be substantially more expensive to install than a conventional system, but because of the low system temperatures involved it lends itself ideally to the advantage of lower running costfloor heating.


Underfloor heating is more popular than ever. Month by month, year by year the number of systems installed rises to a new record level.

But underfloor heating technology is more than a fashion, far more than a succession of peaks on a sales graph. It is the intelligent, green choice for heating buildings in the 21st Century.Integrating the heating system into the very fabric of the building creates a harmony of form and function that puts every square centimetre of floor and wall space to practical use. Heating from the floor upwards harnesses the basic principles of physics to create a better standard of comfort, while using less energy.Warm water and electric systems are now available for all types of project and all types of floors. Underfloor heating already serves buildings all across the World from offices and hospitals to schools and museums; from great Mosques and palaces to family homes.

We, Continental Heating and Air conditioning are proud of being the single largest company in ASIAto have successfully laid 30000 sft of floor heating.

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