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Reversible Chillers

Reversible Chillers also known as Heat pumps provides hot & cold water for any type of Property which requires space heating & cooling. It supplies hot & cold water through pipes to FCU (Fan Coil Unit), AHU (Air Handling Unit), Panel Radiators, Underfloor Heating & Cooling. Also, It can be used for hot water supply to the bathrooms & can be used for swimming pool heating.

Why use a Reversible Chiller ?

The best advantage of using Reversible Chillers in case of heating (space or hot water), this machine gives 300% efficiency i.e; for a 100 Kw load, this machine works on 30 Kw. Also it can be integrated with any water based HVAC System.

Air-to-water heat pumps are among the most efficient heat sources available for warm water central heating. It is the same refrigeration technology that most people are used to with the air-to-air heat pumps that are so popular. Air-to-water heat pumps put the energy into the water that is used in the warm water central heating system rather than blowing air around the home.

If you want to reduce your carbon footprint and increase your central heating energy efficiency, an air-to-water heat pump is an absolute must. It’s a simple and eco-friendly choice for your home. Air-to-water heat pumps are electrical appliances that get the most value from a unit of electricity.

Air-to-Water Heat pumps can be used for underfloor or radiator systems but are particularly suited to low-temperature underfloor systems. Domestic hot water can also be produced via a cylinder connected to the system that has a coil inside of it which transfers the heat from your heat pump to your domestic water. 

CHAC Systems is proud to offer heat pumps which have been tried and tested verifying the unrivaled reliability. They also feature a single-phase inverter compressor with an integral room controller for heating times and temperatures, operation down to minus 5°C, and are extremely quiet.