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Responsive & flexible heating

Warm water radiator central heating is the best way to heat both new and existing Kiwi homes. Not only does it deliver much higher levels of comfort, it responds the best to our changeable weather and busy lifestyles giving us exactly what we need when we want it.

The convenience and comfort of pre-programmed automation for warming the home coupled with individual room control is a revelation when compared with typical methods that are used in New Zealand.

While we can try to explain the feeling of a warm water radiator system, words can’t convey the essence. It really has to be felt to be understood.

Please contact us to find out where you can experience the even feeling of comfort from a warm water radiator system throughout a home.

Central Heating New Zealand supplies the world-renowned DeLonghi radiator range which comes with a 25-year warranty. There is a range of styles and colours to suit any décor. The standard PHD range is the most cost-effective and efficient. Advantages of radiators at a glance are:

  • Healthy: Reduces damp and cold spots by providing even heating throughout a house. No blown air movement – Ideal for asthma sufferers.
  • Responsive: Radiators heat up and cool down quickly. Suits Kiwi weather pattern.
  • Safe: Radiators are great for children, the elderly, and pets.
  • Silent: Radiators are totally quiet, unlike air conditioning units.
  • Controllable: All radiators are controlled individually or as a system.
  • Stylish: Radiators come in a variety of shapes, styles, and any colour of your choice, allowing them to blend in or feature.

Fan coil radiators

Fan coil radiators use a built-in electric fan to assist natural heat convection. As a result, they can emit large amounts of heat for a relatively small unit. Requiring less heat than a traditional radiator, fan coils are ideally suited to air-to-water heat pumps.  Another bonus is that fan coils can be used to cool rooms when combined with the correct air-to-water heat pump. 

Fan coils can be mounted on a wall as a freestanding unit, recessed into a wall, or completely concealed so that only the inlet and outlet grills show.

Fan coil radiators come with a 5-year warranty.

Design considerations

Central Heating New Zealand tailor all radiator systems to ensure they are efficient and effective. We work with you or your project manager to ensure minimal disruption to timelines, physical property and budget.

In a warm-water central heating system, pipework runs from the boiler to radiators situated throughout the house. In a wood framed home, pipes run through the framing timber like the electrical and plumbing services. In a house constructed of concrete, pipes can be run between wall and ceiling batons or chased into the wall.

To ensure an even temperature is achieved throughout the home, radiators should ideally be placed in every room. In multi-storey homes, radiators should also be placed in upstairs rooms and on landings. Based on the UK standard, allowance is made for 25% of heat rising to the next level in a well-insulated home. We therefore factor a reduced output requirement in our calculations for upper levels.