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Zinc Aluminium Water Storage Tanks

These have a much longer life as compared to the ones available in market, require low maintenance, high aesthetic appeal and are priced competitive as compare to conventional ones. Optimal for sub-zero temperatures, and can be dismantled and re- configured easily thus, providing a needed scope for mobility and space saving.

The Water Tank India Pre-Fabricated bolted tanks manufactured in cylindrically shape with different capacity from 10,000 litres to 5 million litres. The designing of tanks is in-house highly skilled team of draftsmen and designers ensure that all kind of requirement could be satisfied. We uses the latest technology and 3-D CAD packages, Water Tank India ensure precise, trouble free design.


Water Tank India liquid storage tanks is made-up of Zincalume Steel. It has composition of Zinc, Aluminium & Silicon and Silicon uses as metal bonding agent. These Tanks have Liquid storage media reinforced multi-layer, food grade PVC/PE liner with a woven multifilament scrim or full thickness unreinforced PVC/PE, depending on application. . Zincalume steel has properties of Anti-rust, contamination, Moisture, Anti-Fungal and Heat resistant.


Water Tank India steel storage tanks are extremely beneficial and cost effective for your project as our tanks are widely used for applications like water/effluent water/waste-water/sea-water, alkaline/acidic chemicals/ethanol, solvents and for most of liquids having different density. These tanks are more long lived, low maintenance, aesthetic appealing and price competitive than MS Fabricated/RCC tanks.

The beauty of these tanks is their speed of installations, a 200 cu. meter tanks gets assembled at site in 4-6 days. These are food grade, non-corrosive, internally reinforced PVC lined tanks, with minimum no-maintenance life of 40-60 years.

The available capacity range in India varies with minimum 10,000 litres to maximum 5 million liters with maximum height upto 9.67 meters and diameter upto 23.08 meters.

Our Standard tanks are designed for liquid storage with a pH level between 4 & 12. These tanks can be used for storage of effluent or waste water, sea water, molasses, wine or other alcohols, juice & alkaline/acidic chemicals as well.


• High Grade Reinforced Liner: Forecasted to last 40-60 years in a fully roofed tank. Using a liner ensures there is no contact between the steel structure and the stored water. (no use of silicones or sealants is required)

• Flexible steel wall with a unique and strong corrugated profile. The internal liner and tank shell can move independently of each other

• Modular, kit form structure. Easy to lift and handle, can be installed almost anywhere. Can also be installed on building roof tops and on project sites where space is restricted

• Tanks can be shipped or transported almost anywhere. Each tank knocks down to only 1% of its fully assembled size, allowing us to pack between 15-25 units into a sea container. Tanks can be transported by sea, rail or air if required.

• Completely modular knock down design. All components are of consistent quality as they are produced in a controlled factory environment and checked prior to despatch (in accordance with ISO 9001)

• In the event of accidental damage, all components of the Water Tank India Steels tank are replaceable. This means that the customer does not need to buy a new tank. Replacement parts can be air freighted if required.

• The Water Tank India Steels kit form tanks are demountable and can be relocated to a new location if required.

• Full range of factory pre-coated colors is available. Tanks can also be painted if desired.

• All Water Tank India Steels tanks contain a fully welded one piece liner (like a giant bag) no sealing is required.

• Tank liner is designed to move with any flexing of the tank wall.

• Low cost for high quality product that is built to last. Installation is simple and fast and tanks can be filled immediately upon completion of construction.

• Structural load is very less.

• Flexibility to meet almost any design requirement.